Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to iwearcatshirts!

Hi! I'm Allyson Rae and I'm so excited to introduce my new blog, iwearcatshirts.

This first post is just gonna be a little bit about me, and the things I'm hoping to do with this blog.

Well, I am 23...almost 24, and I have a B.A. in English from SUNY Fredonia. I've always been a writer, but up until now I haven't known what to write about. But in the past few months, I have become increasingly interested in beauty and fashion, and I really want to explore a little of that in this blog. I am a plus-sized girl--I always have been--and reading some of the amazing plus-sized fashion blogs out there has really inspired me in my own fashion choices, and has given me the confidence to really put myself out there and try to inspire girls like me. I'm also really kind of obsessed with makeup and nail polish, and trying new beauty products. I want to share my favorite products and the experience of trying new things will all of you.

The name iwearcatshirts came about while I was racking my brain for the perfect blog name. I was making a doodle map of words, and scrolling through my iPhone photo album when I saw a selfie of me in my new favorite cat shirt pop up. It's kind of quirky, which is pretty much me in a word, so I went with it. Thus, iwearcatshirts was born. #meow

This blog is going to be a combination of a bunch of different things. I'd probably call it a lifestyle blog. You can expect product reviews, monthly favorite product posts, random OOTDs, advice about fashion, beauty and life, reviews of books, tv shows, movies and music, and the occasional food post with recipe. Plus, there will probably be--often shameless-photos of my cats, so there is that to look forward to.

I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you, and to sharing my thoughts and advice with you. Feel free to pop me an e-mail at or shoot me a comment with any suggestions or ideas of things you would like to see. Also, follow me on twitter @iwearcatshirts.

Allyson Rae

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