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Kiss everlasting French Manicure - Review and Tips!

Hi guys! It's been awhile since I've posted last, and I'm so sorry! Real life got crazy, my job got stressful, and my computer decided to be difficult. Boo! But I missed blogging so much, so I'm gonna try getting back into the swing of things.

Today, I've got a set of Kiss everlasting French Manicure nails to review. I got them in my Influenster Spring Vox Box, and was finally able to try them on. I'm wearing them right now, and have been for a couple days, and I have to say, they are some of the most comfortable and well-fitting nails I've ever tried. So let's jump in.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the package before I tore into it--oops! But they come in a package that looks like this:

Photo from
I love the fact that these nails come with the easy applicator tabs. They make it easy to hold and apply the nail, and they are easy to twist off and file down once the nails are applied. The nails also come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for every nail. I want to say there were 13 or 14 different sizes. I managed to find a nail that fit perfectly for every finger...except for my right thumb, which I think is just abnormal. Also included is a nail file, a wooden cuticle stick, and a tube of pink nail glue.

These nails come in the 'Real Short' length, which is my favorite length and the length I wish I could get in every design of false nails I try. Personally, I like my nails really, really short without being nubs. Like...not even extending over my fingertips short. But I also want my nails to look strong and healthy--which right now they don't. I'm having some serious nail issues, guys. They flake and peel off in layers, they won't grow, and they constantly look chewed off. It's so sad. But after applying these nails, I instantly look like I have flawless nail beds, and strong, healthy and beautiful nails. I did need to shorten these a little bit more because the thumbnails were slightly too long and a couple of the nails I didn't apply close enough to my cuticle.

They look pretty natural from far away, although when you look up close you can tell they are fakes because of a couple small application problems--user error haha.

A shot of my nails from my instagram: allysonsingsxo (FOLLOW ME!)
Overall, I really love these nails. They are strong and durable, easy to apply, long-wearing and easy to shape and style to fit your personal preferences. I've worn them to do my makeup and didn't lose an eye. I wore them to my retail job and could still pick money up off of counters and show customers jewelry without fumbling with my fingers. Day to day activities are still feasible and I don't feel uncomfortable like I have in the past with some other nails I've tried.

So here are my tips for getting the best wear out of your Kiss false nails:
  • Be sure your nails are completely clean, and free of oils. Swipe your nails with a nail-polish remover (preferably acetone-based). Slightly buff the surface of your nails in order to give a surface for the glue to adhere to.
  • Pre-fit your false nails prior to application. Don't be afraid to try four or five different sizes until you find the best fit. My pointer and middle fingers took the longest time to fit because they were similar in size and shape, and I couldn't decide which size it which nail best.
  • Go light on the glue. You are supposed to put glue on the back of the nail, and a thin layer on your natural nail. However, it is very easy to go heavy-handed and wind up with glue oozing out around the edges, pooling under the free edge of the nail, and coating your fingers. This happened to me. I really like the pink hail glue these nails come with, but honestly, if you are anything like me, it might be easier to work with a brush-on nail-glue rather than a tube you squeeze.
  • When applying, don't press down too hard on the nail. You need to press firmly, but don't squeeze too hard. I did this on a couple nails and it actually make the fit too tight so there was pulling when i tried to use my fingers. Also, pressing too hard will bend and slightly crack the fake nail, leaving some strange and unsightly white marks on the nail that look like those little white bruises you get on your natural nail. Ask me how I know. ;)
  • If you get your nails on and they feel too long, don't be afraid to file them down. You may have applied them too far up your nail bed or the nails might just be too long for your comfort, You don't need to struggle with them. They are quick and easy to shorten. You can use a nail file to buff them down. I have one of those battery powered nail tools with the attachments that I use for shortening falsies. If you need a lot of length off, you can even use a heavy-duty pair of clippers  then file the rest. Just be careful not to break the nail. With other nails where there is an intricate design at the tip, I pre-file the nail from the bottom cuticle edge. It's a little trickier to do, but it ensures that you have a short enough nail without losing a majority of the pretty design.
If you are new to false nails, or you need a little practice, these Kiss everlasting nails are a great place to start. The easy application tabs make application a breeze, and the variation of sizes makes finding the perfect fit so simple. If the thought of glue-on nails makes you nervous, you do have other options. You can try the preglued Express On Nails or the ImPress Press on Nails for a quick, glue-free experience.

So that's it for this review. Thanks again to Influenster and Kiss for sending me these nails to try in my Spring Vox Box! Hit up the comments down below and tell me about your favorite false nails and any of your tips and tricks!

Allyson Rae

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